Poker Takes the Pain Away

My break up with my ex-girlfriend was tough, and the only thing that really helped me get through it was playing poker on the betting web sites. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, but at least I could make a bet or two. Every moment of the day was filled with misery because I would always think about my ex telling me that she wanted to break up with me. I was going over what I might have done wrong in my head, but that was just causing me more grief. When things were at their worst, I got online and played a few rounds of poker to help me forget.

As time passed, I began to regain my appetite and could sleep as well as I could before the break up. I wasn’t at 100% yet, but I was on the rebound quickly. Each game of poker was like a therapy session for me, and each win was like a satisfying moment on the couch. I’m not sure if it was because each win was a rush, or was I just getting joy from beating my opponents so easily, as if I were punch on a punching bag. Either way, I was liking it because it was my road to recovery from the emotional pain I experienced.

Time heals all wounds, and so does online poker, because now I don’t feel the same pain that I felt when my ex first broke up with me. There’s plenty of people on this planet, so I can always find someone else to have the same happy experiences that I did with my ex. In the meantime, I can keep on playing poker and earning money from the bets that I make. Perhaps I’ll find someone who will be willing to play poker with me.