My Headstone is Being Custom Made

There are probably people who do not like to think about their own deaths. While it is not something I dwell on, it is also not something that I haven’t made preparations for. The easiest part was picking out the funeral home, the person to do my eulogy, the coffin, the preacher, and the cemetery where I will eventually be buried. It seems that would be all, but picking out the headstone was actually difficult for me. I finally found a company that makes Jewish headstones in NJ, and that made this difficult process a whole lot easier for me.

I did not want just any tombstone company creating my headstone. When I found the company that does Jewish monuments, I was able to look over everything that they do. There are actually quite a few services they offer, such as plaques, tombstones, and memorials. I just wanted a nice headstone, and I knew that they were the ones to custom create it for me. I had my choice between materials but I ended up choosing granite because there are just more color options there. I want people to notice my headstone when they come to the cemetery, and that is exactly what they will do with the one that I have picked out.

I was not sure if I wanted to have my picture put on there, but I decided after looking at quite a few that I definitely wanted that. The ones I saw that had people’s faces on them were done in a very tasteful manner, and I just really like it. I also have my favorite scripture from the book of Leviticus, and it will go underneath my final resting date. I don’t know when that will be, but I am really hoping it is not for a very long time!