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Water Damage and Those Covered by Insurance Policies Are you confused on the diverse kinds of water damage that are covered by your home insurance? Water damage is among the problems that bothered several property owners and homeowners and what are the issues covered by the home insurance policies. Nevertheless, the items that are covered by the said insurance policies are different in different U.S. states. Majority of them are cognizant that storm damages are covered by their home insurance policies. But what about those properties that are not damaged by storms? Water isn’t only deemed as universal solvent but it can also result to lots of damages to houses and properties. Water damages are caused by the rise of moisture levels as well as high rainfall rates. Not only will it caused structural damage on your home but the other properties inside your house will also be impacted like your furniture fixtures, appliances, clothes and etc. There are also situations where homeowners experienced mold growth, especially those who are living in humid places. If your property suffered from water damage, what measures have you taken? Should your insurance company gives you coverage for water damage, then what elements would you take into consideration when filing for water damage claims? There are lots of properties which are damaged by water but sad to say that there are property owners who cannot afford to repair it, thereby causing further damage on their properties. If you have insurance coverage for your house, then you should call your insurance company and have water damage covered and paid. For example, if you happen to get insurance coverage for failure of your household appliances, then you can file claims should any of your household appliances fail and malfunctions and these include dishwasher, TV, and many more.
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1. Homeowners and property owners are advised not to utilize the term “flooded” when they confer with insurance agents unless sure that flood insurance is included in your homeowner insurance policy. Nonetheless, you can use the term “water damage.” No matter how trivial these terms might be beware of using it interchangeably. 2. It is also advised not to utilize the terms “septic backing up” and “septic overflow” as septic-related issues are not included in your home insurance policies. 3. Another thing, whenever you opted to call and to contact water remediation company, make sure that you call their attention and remind them to be careful with cleaning your carpet and not to destroy it as the insurance company will not pay or have it replaced. These are just simple things that homeowners and property owners should keep in mind when filing for water damage claims to your insurance company.