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HVAC Services: Air Conditioning Services and Repair Many people overlook the importance of having air conditioners inspected at least once a year for any malfunctioning, to prevent the stress and hassle during the warm summer season. The lifespan of a typical air conditioner may last for up to ten years, and if it is running but your house is not as cool as it should be, that can be a sign of clogged return duct, clogged air filter, compressor failure, or low levels of Freon. If you notice a layer of frost or ice on two pipes that lead to the outdoor condenser, either there is blockage in the main air supply duct or there is no enough Freon, both situations requiring professional repair. The same is true with major seal gasket that blown as shown by oil splatter or oil spray on your air conditioner’s components, that may lead to dry compressor and major damage if it’s not immediately fixed. A properly working air conditioner should only make a quiet humming sound, otherwise noises such as buzzes, bangs or rattles only mean that there’s something with your air conditioner, and only a professional air conditioner technician can identify the root cause of these noises. If your utility bills have risen dramatically or quickly, the compressor of your air conditioner may not be working properly, demanding more energy to provide you cool air. Air conditioning problems, especially emergency cases, are very difficult to assess by merely checking it yourself, so it is important to seek the help of a professional air conditioner technician to determine the extent of repairs needed. Hiring the services of a professional air conditioning technician will help address problems with your AC compressors, condensers, evaporator coils, air handlers, evaporative or swamp coolers, mini-split and ductless systems, zoned systems, high-efficiency options, thermostat technology, air conditioning filters and tune-ups. Air conditioning preventive maintenance is very important, and an HVAC routinely receiving service will gain benefits in the long run. Your air conditioner should be clean from dust and dirt to work effectively, and having a clear filter allow efficient air conditioning, saving you money on energy bills, as well as avoid costly replacement or repairs. It is advisable to replace air conditioning filters are least four times a year, and every month during high usage times. There are different types of air conditioner filters you can choose from such as disposable fiberglass filters, washable or electrostatic filters, pleated or allergy filters, electronic air cleaners and HEPA furnace filters. The gold standard among all these are the HEPA furnace filters, which are used in commercial applications like manufacturing industries and the hospital where clear and clean air is very important. If you need professional help for your HVAC system, feel free to visit our website or contact us directly.Doing Experts The Right Way

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