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Goliath Grouper Fishing: Is it About Time Florida Permitted It? Regarding the subject t of Florida politics, there’s so much to write home about, including issues such as Trump’s visit to Tampa as well as the controversial sanctuary city matter. But if you’re a fisherman, specifically a goliath grouper hunter, you’ll perhaps pay more attention to the recent developments around this species of fish. Various fishermen have quoted as saying that the fish population has increases lately, and they’re looking forward to the time Florida authorities will re-introduce permission to target the fish. Since 1990, fishermen have not been allowed to harvest the goliath grouper after uncontrolled fishing almost speared it into extinction. But there’s buoyancy that Florida will revise the ban. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will convene on February 8-10 with a view to discussing the future of the goliath grouper as far as harvesting is concerned.
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Yet, no recommendation has been offered so far to allow harvesting of the fish. In one of the sessions, staff from the FWC will give the commission a report about the biology of the goliath grouper, including the latest findings on the population of the fish.
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The FWC spokeswoman said that the commission will be looking into if or not to seek public opinion concerning the potential management changes that may include allowing harvesting in a restricted form. Biologists and environmentalists say they require more time to look into the goliath’s lifecycle. These experts are studying issues like how big the goliath grouper can get, their lifetime, relevant catch and release statistics, and the damage on the fish that commercial fishing has had in the past. Commercial divers spent decades over-hunting the goliath grouper and almost causing its extinction by 1990, but fishermen say that this superior predator is back and breathing fire, dominating the reefs and eating other fish, lobsters, and pretty much anything that fits in its gigantic mouth. A fishing guide at the Vero Beach is quoted as suggesting that the fish have grown into a nuisance, and as such, some form of harvesting on them should be allowed. And now, more divers as well as fishermen are up in arms that they’ve seen enough of the fish. In certain cases, the state is being asked to allow the targeting of goliaths weighing from 10 to 50 pounds while leaving alone the bigger ones that reproduce. Therefore, as at now, people are not going for open season where you could catch a zillion goliaths. Whether or not harvesting the goliath grouper will once again be source of livelihood to fishermen within Florida depends on what the FWC will decide. Depending on your perception, the final determination may be one of the best Florida political news.